Acts 13

Acts 13 begins with God prompting a team of leaders to send two of their members to minister elsewhere (13:1-3). This chapter recounts the journeys of Barnabas and Saul (Paul) to places such as Cyprus (13:4-12), and eventually Antioch in Pisidia (13:13-52).

Paul and Barnabas left the comfort of the team, the ministry they knew, their home and their friends in order to follow God’s call to share Christ.

Application question: Would I be willing to leave a place of comfort and follow God’s call to take the gospel to other places? That is what these two men did, and ultimately what God wants us to be willing to do.

Paul and Barnabas had opposition in both Cyprus and Antioch in Pisidia. When Paul preached there, his message was met with opposition, but it was followed by victory when the Gentiles begged to hear the gospel (Acts 13:42). This is true in our lives. When we commit to follow Christ and tell others about Him, we can expect opposition. It may come from multiple directions (Acts 13:8; 13:45).

Application question: Are you allowing opposition to keep you from seeing those who are “begging” to hear the good news of Jesus?

There is someone in your sphere of influence that is desperate to hear the words of the gospel. We cannot allow opposition and difficulty to keep us from sharing Christ. God always prepares hearts when He sends us to proclaim the gospel.

Lord, help us stay resolute in our attempts to share Christ.

— Brian Gann