Read Luke 3 

John the Baptist role was to prepare the way of the Lord. His life was a street sign pointing people to Jesus, the Savior of the world. As people encountered him, they would ask him this question, “What shall we do…to those who have much, give to those in need? To the tax collector…don’t take more than you should? To the soldier…don’t use your power to intimidate and rob others of their money?” I wonder if you or I asked this question to John the Baptist. What shall we do? To mother, father, son or daughter, what shall we do? To the poor, rich, powerful and weak, what shall we do? To the holy, sinner, beggar, harlot, what shall we do? Each of us has a story or identity when we come into contact with the good news of Christ. We are confronted with the call to leave changed. To leave new and better than what we were before because this is what encounters with God look like. I ask you as you to consider what John might say to you if you ask these questions, what shall we do?

— Russell Schultz