Read Galatians 1


In this chapter of Galatians, Paul highlights the importance of the gospel — the message that Jesus came to the earth, died on the cross for our sin, and rose again from the dead.  It is the one true gospel.  It is the only gospel.

He goes on, in verses 6-10, to talk about how we can trust the gospel.  It is so trustworthy that Paul says, even if an angel from heaven preaches another gospel, they are to be accursed. Paul is baffled by how those in the church at Galatia were responding to the gospel.

Some in the church had turned away from the gospel of Jesus.  They started listening to others tell them that they needed to add works to the gospel in order to please God.

This is so often how we respond to the message of Jesus.  We hear it and accept it for our salvation.  Then we want to add rules and works to the gospel.  We can sometimes forget the grace of the gospel that saved us, and instead, substitute rules and law as the way to find favor with God.  We make following rules the litmus test for our identity and worth.

The fact is that our worth is solely found in the gospel of Jesus and who we are in Him.

Let’s live that way this week.


Brian Gann